Cranks in the motor when pedalling

Begonnen von Surfer_D, 27. Juni 2020, 18:11

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Hi Guys,

I hope english is fine as well. I have a new bike xduro nduro 8 flyon and noticed that the motor cranks (same noise as chain makes when incorrectly shifting down under power) when I start to pedal. Just when I start, after one revolution then it's fine.

Example: I ride down the hill and while going down I shift into the small gears - quick three turns to get the chain on the small gear. Then when the hill goes up I press hard on the pedals to quickly get fast - here I get a metal crank/sound as if the chain wasn't correctly positions. It happens in the motor not in the gears/derailleur.

Service couldn't replicate it though it happens all the time. Anyone else has this issue?
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Hi Surfer_D,
maybe there is a little pebble in the housing?
  • MODELL JAHR: 2019
  • MOTOR: FW: V1.5.137, HW: Rev 0101, BL: 1.1.0
  • LADEPORT: FW: V1.38.1, HW: Rev 0200, BL: 0.2.4
  • DISPLAY: FW: V1.84.8, GUI: v3.04, HW: Rev 11265, BL: 0.3.4
  • REMOTE: FW: V1.36, HW: Rev 0101
  • BATTERIE 1: FW: V1.22.71, HW: Rev 0301, BL: 0.2.4
  • BATTERIE 2: FW: V1.22.71, HW: Rev 0301, BL: 0.2.4
  • ECONNECT: FW: V1.29.0, HW: V2.0
  • SKYBEAMER: Model: 5000, FW: V1.0.1, HW: V1.0
  • Tuning Modell: SpeedBox 3.0 B., BikeSpeed-RS
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Hi, maybe you should adjust the screw-B (Shimano XT), I think I had the same problem once
best regards
Meine Playlist mit dem Flyon Allmtn 8.0 durch den Harz bei Goslar:
Für die Motivation auf dem Heimtrainer, falls real nicht möglich :)
  • MOTOR: FW V1.5.137 - HW Rev 0101
  • LADEPORT: FW V1.38.1 - HW Rev 0200
  • DISPLAY: FW V1.84.8 GUI v3.04 - HW Rev 11265
  • REMOTE: FW V1.36 - HW Rev 0101
  • BATTERIE 1: FW V1.22.71 - HW Rev 0301
  • ECONNECT: FW V1.29.0 HW V2.0
  • SKYBEAMER: Modell 300
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  • Tuning Modell: Nein aus Überzeugung